Community Changemaker Award



DOCUMENTARY FILMMAKER, Recipient of 2018 ‘Changemaker’ Award

We should care about this [story] on an emotional and personal level, not for some altruistic or political reasons.
— David Washburn
David Washburn.jpg

David Washburn’s latest documentary, “Loyalty: Stories”, premiered at the 2018 Meet the Press Film Festival and is the first documentary film series to capture what life is like for American Muslims in the military. “Loyalty: Stories” takes viewers to military bases and cities across the country to show how a diverse group of Muslims are serving their nation, community and faith.

For over a decade, Washburn has produced films that bring forward underrepresented stories, in the belief that our country is greatest when Americans of all backgrounds speak out against injustice, work together in unity, and resist the “otherness” which creates division and fear. Washburn’s films have screened at film festivals and on PBS stations nationwide.

Previous credits include the 2013 documentary, “All American Mosque”, the film series “Veteran Documentary Corps” for DocFilm Institute, and “War Comes Home” for California Humanities. Washburn also produced and directed “Broadcast Cowboy” (2007), winner of Best Short Documentary at Cinequest.