• The MPAC Convention aims to gather Americans of all backgrounds to discuss the biggest challenges facing our country and our communities, with a goal of reaching toward common ground. That common ground must include respect, justice, and equal protection under the law for all Americans , no matter their ethnic origin or religious beliefs. Every year, our speakers examine the roots of difficult issues that lead to the marginalization of vulnerable communities, namely fear, mistrust, and misunderstanding of each other. MPAC's annual convention is consistently thought-provoking and inspires community dialogue and action to create the America we are capable of - and are meant to be.

  • Tackling Pressing Issues

    We will pursue common ground through our shared values. We will challenge the notion that there is no “middle ground” for opposing views and we will seek opportunities for bridging the divide that separates us.

    Security & Civil Rights

    America has always struggled in prioritizing the security of the nation over the civil rights of its citizens. Are the two mutually exclusive and does compromising one damage the effectiveness of the other?

    Rethinking Religious Freedom

    The fear of religious minorities at home and abroad has resulted in the use of religion as a tool for discrimination. Recently, the DOJ issued guidance that permits discrimination on the basis of religious beliefs. Was the Bill of Rights written to protect religious minorities or to project the beliefs of the religious majority onto the population?

    Race & Nationalism

    What does it really mean to be a patriotic American? We’ll explore the rich and complex range of characteristics that answer this question.

  • Long Beach Convention Center

    300 E Ocean Blvd, Long Beach, CA 90802