City Council Candidate

What got me motivated to run was following the Parkland shooting in Florida, and having the students there get so motivated because they wanted to have change. Ever since I saw that, I wanted to do something. I looked at my community, I saw the institutions and I wanted to be a leader...

Mahmoud El-Farra is an 18 year-old, progressive Arab-American student who will bring a new perspective and a new face to the Mission Viejo City Council. He is full of fresh ideas and strategies to prepare the city for the future. Mahmoud is a political activist, member of Saddleback's Student Government, and proud resident of the beautiful city of Mission Viejo. He has the understanding and the passion to help his community, and is dedicated to providing every resident with an equal opportunity for success and heightened quality of life. Mahmoud aims to bring positive change and hope to improve the city through a fresh set of eyes that will propel Mission Viejo to reach its fullest potential.