MPAC 19th
annual Convention


Nov. 23 


America is in the throes of an identity crisis that is increasingly underscoring the "us vs. them" conflict.

Media today is a testament to the civil war of words we face as a nation. As a global superpower, we must work past our divides, and stand together for what is right. To make progress, we first need to have some difficult discussions. 

Will we lead the world in solving the refugee crisis, or will we turn our backs on the problem that we played a role in creating? How do we reform our criminal justice system without scapegoating communities of color and the poor? The year leading up to the 2020 elections is a crucial time for us to have these conversations.

America doesn't belong to just one group of people. This is our America. Join us for these urgent and compelling discussions at this year's annual convention.


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